Problems posited

I’m trying to figure out where exactly I belong in my world. Specifically, my working world.
It is hard to do this when there are few new experiences, little encouragement, and sparse intellectual challenges.
I’m not being knocked back, or told I’m not good enough (mostly). I’m simply not recognised, I have no voice. I’m put into a homogenous group of workers who have no aspiration, drive, desirable skills, or potential.
How can managers get it so wrong?
Suffice to say the diversity of thoughts, ideas, talents, passions, education, gender, race and age represented by my colleagues is comprehensive.
These are the people who make working in libraries, as library assistants, bareable. And sometimes even great.
But these are also the people who, going unrecognised for so long despite protestations, leave libraries, and only look back with regret, disdain, or distrust.
Libraries provide so much for their communities, whether they be public, academic, or corporate. So what’s going wrong on the inside? Or is it just me? This is something that needs to be talked about, followed by decisive action. 

One thought on “Problems posited

  1. I understand your angst. I have that feeling of “where do I belong in the working world?” as well. I would certainly like to move on from being a library assistant however there is always competition for other jobs and I struggle in interviews (I’m working on this). I’d like to be a liaison librarian but the thing is the job revolves around teaching, another skill I struggle with. Still I enjoy helping people and get great satisfaction from it. I looked at getting into cataloguing and seeing how I like that but that whole field is essentially dying out now that we are getting more and more eBooks (among other reasons). Working in special collections would be a dream sort of job I suppose but this work is rarefied and very much sort after. So I’m stuck really, doing what I’m doing, over skilled and over qualified. I’m hoping things will change though, I just need to keep trying.

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