My story

This was sent in to us. It first appeared here: 

I never thought I’d be a librarian as a child – I had other ideas like becoming a vet or a journalist. However I was the head librarian at school and always enjoyed reading and going to the library. My mother has worked in a public library for many years.

It wasn’t until my early 30s that I got a job in an academic library and also a part time job at a public library. I’d kind of run out of ideas about what to do with my life by then, having tried law, teaching and working in a bookshop. But I was so glad to get the opportunity to work in a library.

I started off as a library assistant and 7 years later despite numerous job applications I’m still a library assistant. This is a little depressing and frustrating for me as I’m pretty bored with the job by now as you can imagine. But during that time I’ve completed an MLIS and completed 2 secondments as a liaison librarian which was great experience for me (this is the kind of job I’m hoping to get).

What do I like about this job? I enjoy hunting for information, helping people find what they need, the calm, quiet atmosphere of a library and of course looking at books!


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