LIANZA Library Assistants and Archive Support Assistants Day

Last month I attended the LIANZA Library Assistants and Archive Support Assistants Day that was held in Wellington.  The first of these days was held last year and was Library Assistants only, this year it was opened up to Archive Support Assistants.

In this post I am mainly concerned with the day itself rather than the wider issues of professional development and opportunities for Library Assistants to develop their skills and network.

I found the experience to be a positive one.  This year the day was split into brief talks in the morning session with tours at The Parliamentary Library and Te Papa offered in the afternoon.  As it is only a day it limits what is able to be offered.  I think the day is more about meeting people from different types of Libraries (or Archives) and finding out what is happening in the wider industry.

I found the talks to be interesting, I particularly enjoyed the presentation from Beth Wishart about her research project looking at stress in the workplace and hearing from Annette Beattie about the technology projects that the Hutt City Libraries are developing with the needs of the community as the motivating factor.

I hope that LIANZA builds on this event and continues to offer chances for professional growth.

I would be interested in hearing from people who attended the day and what they gained (or didn’t) from the experience.

I think this event is great as LIANZA offers the chance to volunteer for the organising committee which allows us, as Library Assistants, to have a say in what we want.  What do you think is lacking in the industry?  What skills should Library Assistants be developing?  What do we really want from organisations such as LIANZA or ARANZ?

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